Tuesday, June 1, 2010

memorial day weekend

we had a great memorial day weekend this year!  we spent it at home with some of the people that we love most... our parents and my papaw!

saturday, we did a little swimming.  this was before her super cute sun hat came in the mail, so we had to improvise.  =)
peanut wore her swimsuit from her aunt sarah!
i have the best daddy...
syd was never too far from the action.  in this photo she's a little freaked out because she could sense that a storm was coming. 
we grilled out (actually, poor ben grilled in the rain with an umbrella), and made homemade chocolate ice cream.  yum-o!

sunday night, we celebrated mom and steve's anniversary.  we had a fun time... did a little shopping, ate dinner, grocery shopped, and got coffee.

monday, we hung out around the house, and that afternoon we went over to spend time with friends!
monday night, we went over to our friends steve and carol's house, and our babysitter hollie lives right across the street from them.  of course, they came and stole peanut for a little while.  =)  here she is with hollie's dad, ken...
miss center of attention...

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Grace said...

that first photo is so funny, what's that on her head. I hate i missed that.