Tuesday, June 29, 2010


have you ever met e-mealz??  well, take a few minutes, and allow me to introduce you!


for months and months (maybe even a year), my hubs has begged me to sign up with e-mealz.  he is an avid dave ramsey listener and fan.  he is on the debt-free bandwagon, and i'm so glad that he made that our goal, and now even reached it.  as much as i pick on him for loving dave so, it really has been a blessing for us.

ben first heard about e-mealz on the dave ramsey show.  he encourages his listeners (and readers) to get on a strict grocery budget, as that is one of the main categories that people tend to go way over budget.  um.... that was sooooo us!  buying ingredients for what you think you want to have for dinner, they even often spoil before being used, tons of things in the pantry that you don't even know you have, snacks, snacks, and more snacks... it all adds up to a whole bunch of wasted money!!  i can't even tell you how many hundred dollars a month we spent in groceries.  it was insanely out.of.control.

i often get in a funk where i don't know what i want to make for dinner, and i feel like i make the same dishes over and over.  i blogged about that one day, and one of our friends, macki, asked me had i looked into e-mealz.  she said that they had menus planned out for you and everything!  that was all it took.  we signed up that night! (thank you, macki!!)

all you have to do is join, and for $5.00 a month, you get week by week menus of what to make, and grocery lists of what to buy.  you can choose what store you prefer to shop at, whether you want a low calorie diet, low carb diet, low points diet, low fat diet, etc.  they match up sale prices with the store that you choose to save you money.  there are also extras that you can purchase, such as holiday and vacation menus.

so far, the only "catch" that i've found is that it says $5.00 a month, but you are required to pay every 3 months, meaning that you have to pay $15.00.  it was no big deal to us, but for some that may be irritating.

i can't really tell yet how much we've saved, since we haven't been doing it that long, but i can tell you that i spend less money in the grocery store!  just the convenience is worth the $15.00 to me!  the recipes are so simple and most of them are really quick, which helps a lot when you're doing it with one hand.  :)  we like most of the things on the menu, but if we don't think we will like it, we just scratch out that day, and i fill it in with something that i want to make, and adjust the grocery list accordingly.

head on over HERE to check it out.  you can view sample menus before you select which one you like, and you can change your plan once in the 3 months if you decide to.  i promise you, it is SOOOOO worth the money, and you will LOVE it!!!!  (enter the coupon code DAVE and get a few dollars off!)  i just can't say enough about how wonderful it is!


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Unknown said...

We are huge Dave Ramsey fans! I didn't know about this, but I'm goign to try it out! Thanks for the post!