Wednesday, June 16, 2010

champagne taste and a beer budget

ok, i know it's not good to always want things.  i'll be the first to tell you that i'm pretty materialistic.  i'm constantly trying to keep myself and my attitude in check for being happy with what i DO have, and not always wanting more.

but sometimes, it's ok to dream, right????  =)

here are a few things that have been taking up some space on my want list lately...

1. the dyson dc25 animal vacuum cleaner
wouldn't it just be so nice to have a vacuum that actually sucked up more than it spit out??  especially with pet hair!  this thing is supposedly super easy to maneuver, and since i sometimes do everything with only one arm, this sure would be nice.

2. a new wedding band
i had to get my wedding band cut off right after peanut was born, and instead of getting it fixed (it was always a little too tight, and it wasn't what we thought it would be when we ordered it), we decided that i could get a new one in the near future.  this time, i want to be original.  i want a sapphire one, with pink or blue sapphires.  these 2 that i really love are from reeds.

3. the iPhone
yes, it is killing me that i don't have one of these babies.  at&t's service in our neck of the woods really stinks, so it would be stupid for us to switch carriers.  when the day comes that our provider carries the iPhone, i don't know what i'll do.  maybe a happy dance in the middle of the store?

4. a vacation
and i ain't talkin about a little drive up to memphis, or a little drive down to the beach (before the oil mess), i mean a GET A WAY, and FAR FAR FAR FAR AWAY!  some ideas that i have are... st. lucia, bahamas, italy, maybe guatemala, alaska, new england, china... you get the picture.

5. the medela freestyle hands-free breastpump
i mean, why would i need a new breastpump now?  we've already dropped $150 on mine, why do i need this $380 one?  truth is, i should've gotten this thing 9 months ago when i purchased my breastpump.  i knew that medela was the best, but i was trying to save money and i got a cheaper one.  word to the wise all you mommas-to-be... DO NOT SKIMP ON YOUR PUMP!  YOU WILL REGRET IT!

6. the hobo jadine handbag 

sorry that this photo is fuzzy.  i couldn't find a larger one.  ahhhhh, a hot pink hobo handbag.  my dream come true.  for $228.00 you can own this baby yourself.  i know i won't be, but wouldn't it be fabulous????  yes ma'am, it sure would.

so there you have it.  my want list.  my expensive want list.  my unrealistic want list.  my dream want list.

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Veronica said...

Love your list (and personally have a couple of those thing on my list too)! There is absolutely nothing wrong with dreaming!:)