Tuesday, June 22, 2010

blog issues and LET'S HELP SOME ORPHANS!!

y'all, i am having some major issues with my blog!! my picasa album is FULL, so there is no more room for them to host my photos, meaning that i can't post photos the way that i normally do! i am looking into different sharing sites, but i haven't found anything that i like so far. if any of you have gone through this, or have a sharing site that you like, please let me know!!! (example: flickr, shutterfly, photobucket. these are a few that i have tried.)

on another note, stephanie is celebrating her 1000th post by donating $1.00 to an orphan's wish for every comment left on THIS post. PLEASE go HERE and leave a comment, any ole comment, for another $1 to be added to the pot. AND, the beauty is, there is NO limit. you can leave 20 comments, or you can go back every day and comment, whatever you want!  y'all please go on and help out these precious babies!!

a little info about an orphan's wish... they are located in the Guangxi Province of China, outside the city of Guilin. it's a very special place for orphaned children. they help children with cerebral palsy, cleft lip/palate, clubfoot, etc. they work through sponsorship, meaning that you sponsor a child through the healing process, whether it be through surgery, castings, or whatever else. after that, the child moves to a foster home to be adopted. it isn't a long term commitment, so if you are interested in helping one of these orphans get the treatment that they need, please visit their site to help. i promise that you will be glad that you did.

An Orphan'sWish


Anonymous said...

Hi Ashia! Sheila Graber here, it was fun to bump into Ben at Trail Boss the other night and trade stories about our girls. I only wish you and Austin had been there as well. Georgi is scheduled for her next well baby appt the first week of July and I'm looking forward to seeing what her weight and length will be. She is small even for her adjusted age-as Ben said Austin is. G was 8# 11 oz at her 4 month appt(2 months adjusted age) I'm glad and encouraged to see your breastfeeding story as I caught up on your blog-I hate it that some of my friends don't seem to try very hard. My plan right now is to go EBF for 8 months since G was premature. I pumped for the first four months and so now she's finally ggetting it the right way I hate to scale back so soon.--Sorry 'bout the looong comment. ;-)
Take care!

Stefanie said...

Hey Ashia! Thanks so much for helping to spread the word about the precious little ones at An Orphan's Wish!!