Sunday, May 9, 2010

to austin

hey sweet girl-

i just wanted to write you so that we could remember this day for forever!  it was my first mother's day with you (with you not in my belly!), and it was wonderful!  you make me soooo happy, and thank you so much for making me a mommy.  it has been the greatest honor of my life.  i love you to the moon and back, and i think you may love me that much too!  (it's a good thing, because when you turn 13 i'm sure you won't.  but i hope that you still do!)  i feel so blessed that you are my daughter.  you are so incredibly beautiful that it's amazing to your daddy and i.  your eyes light our days.  on this day last year, i never would have dreamed how i would feel this year.  last year, your daddy bought me baby things... diapers, a pink bottle, paci's, etc, and it made me so excited for you to make your arrival!  but i had no idea how a little tiny baby would take over your heart!  i love everything about you!  i love how you smile at people, but cling to me when they try to hold you.  i love your little feet and toes, and how you want to stand so bad, but don't have the strength yet.  you are amazing.  i hope that you always know that you have a mommy that loves you like crazy, and would do anything for you!  i will always be your biggest fan!

love, mommy

mother's day 2010

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Grace said...

Ash you made me cry again. Maybe because I know just how you feel just wait until she's 26!