Thursday, May 6, 2010

recalled products

if y'all have any children's or infants tylenol, motrin, zyrtec, or benadryl, go HERE to see if your bottle has been recalled.  i had to turn in FIVE bottles, and it was every one i had in the house or diaper bag!  i went to buy more the other day, and walmart and walgreen's shelves were empty, so i had to buy walgreen's brand tylenol.  so y'all go check your bottles now!

HERE is the website to see if your bottles are on the list.

HERE is the website to request a voucher or repayment if you need to turn some in.

p.s. i obviously had been giving these to austin, so i wouldn't worry too much if you've given your child these.  i'm just taking recommended precautions and getting new bottles!

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