Tuesday, May 25, 2010


my goodness, y'all, i am making myself blog today because it's been so long, and i just feel like i have nothing to say!  we haven't really been doing anything!  just the normal grocery shopping, errands, napping, and playing kinda stuff.

first of all, let me show you what i found while ben and i were shopping john deere toys for peanut...
don't you think we neeeeeeeeed that??  =)  we'll probably end up getting the green one, instead of pink, just in case there's a little boy in our future.

netflix update... i'm in love.  except for ben made me watch sherlock holmes 4 times, and i didn't even like it.  not my kind of movie.  AND we didn't get it mailed back yesterday, so that puts me one day later getting my next movie in the mail.  =)  and guess what.  you can get all seasons of dawon's creek.  yes, i will be watching it.  one disc at a time.  =)

i got in the mood and rearranged peanut's room the other day.  she was very entertained with the cardboard box that her diapers came in, so while she played with her box, i worked in her room.  it was great.  and i like it soooooo much better.  it even feels bigger.  i will take some photos to show you one of these days.

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