Wednesday, May 12, 2010


did y'all know that you can login to blogger in draft mode? and there you can change your layout to 3 column, background changes, more color options, etc.  i may be the last on the train, but you know, just thought i would share.  =)

every time i take photos of peanut outside lately, they are super super noisy. i don't know what the deal is! maybe it's my lens? maybe it's the lighting? ugh, i don't know, but it's really frustrating.  you will see some posted soon of her in her tutu, and they are horrible.

check out this dress that i found on sale for peanut next year...  i heart it.  guess what brand it is.  =)

i have been super not motivated to do house work lately.  this is not good.  i did sweep and vacuum the floor, so peanut would have something decently clean to crawl on.

another thing that i haven't been motivated with... cooking!  i love to cook, so i don't know what's wrong with me, but every night it's like the biggest drag to me to have to prepare a little something for dinner.  i feel like i cook the same thing over and over and over and over.  i need some new ideas!  i guess i will have to start watching the food network channel again.

i bought this book to help me out with cooking for peanut.  she's starting to like to feed herself finger foods every now and then.  of course for now, she's just eating biter biscuits, puffs, or anything that will basically melt in her mouth.  well, this book is fabulous!!  i wish i would have gotten it sooner, and i would have prepared a lot more of her baby food!  they make is SO easy and simple to do.  check it out if you have a baby or toddler!  they have great snack ideas, too!


Macki Smith said...

Welcome to motherhood! I go through the same thing with cooking...just too tired by the end of the day! Anyway, check out! It is only 5 dollars a month, and your meals, recipes, and grocery lists are all provided for you each week! It has been the best because I always have something healthy to cook fairly quick, and we don't eat the same thing over and over! Hope this helps!

Jocelyn said...

I didn't know that either...thanks for the blogger tip!