Friday, May 28, 2010

pure happiness

i'm joining kelly today in things that i love/like!  if you regularly read my blog, you probably already know these things, but here goes!  =)

first of all, i looooooooove ben, austin, and sydney like crazy!
i love mississippi state basketball!  ben and i have been going to games together since we first started dating, and we have some of the best memories at the humphrey coliseum!  we look forward to basketball season every year!
i love a fresh, ice cold glass of champagne!  mmmm.....
i love pink cotton candy!  it sorta makes me feel like a child again, and of course, it taste soooooo good!
i love going to washington d.c.  i've been twice, and i want to go back!  i think you could go 20x and still not see everything!  it's currently my favorite vacation destination.
i love food, and especially going out to eat!  a couple of my favorites are tiramisu and blue cheese burgers!
i looooooooove antigua, guatemala.  i lived there for many years, and it is my second home.  the second photo is the neighborhood that i lived in, and i almost cried when this photo came up on my google search!  i miss it so bad, and hope to visit really soon!!
i LOVE adoption!  when i hear an adoption story, it makes me soooo happy that i often cry!
ben and i love to take picnic's together!  we try to regularly go on one, and we almost always end up going to the grounds of antebellum houses.

well, i guess that's about all i'll share for today.  i could go on and on and on with these things!  =)


Emily Powell said...

I want to adopt so bad!

Unknown said...

What a terrific list!

Have a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend!