Friday, May 7, 2010


well, as you can see from my previous post, we finally got earrings!  =)  it was really random that it happened the way it did... i had wanted to do it one day this week, but ben was with us shopping on wednesday night.  i knew that he wouldn't let me do it, especially with him being there.  we were walking through books-a-million, and ran into our friends natalie and justin.  i whispered to natalie to run with me to get it done, and she could be the evil one to hold her down.  =)  so, that's what we did!  yes, she cried, but i really think it was more because of having to be held down, and the noise of the piercing gun.  after it was over, i got her and walked around with her, and she was laughing within a minute or 2.  ben is still not very happy with me, but i feel really good about the time that we did it.  she isn't a teeny tiny newborn anymore, but she still isn't old enough to really pull on her ears a lot.  so, to me it was perfect.  and, of course, i think she looks like an angel.  especially with earrings AND a huge bow or flower in her hair.  =)

she started sitting!  it was probably 2 days or so ago.  i really noticed it when i went to check on her after her nap, and she was sitting in the middle of her crib playing with her baby doll.
she is into everything!  i know it will get worse when she starts walking, but my goodness... it is really hard now to even get a load of laundry folded without taking things away from her, getting her out of sydney's food bowls, taking away the surround sound cords, etc.  whew!  she is so interested in sydney's bed.  it was hilarious yesterday, when she started crawling toward it, syd ran and got inside, as if to guard it.  =)
and i don't know what was going through her mind when she decided to do this...
she didn't start crying, but i could tell that she thought she was stuck, and she was about to get upset.

aren't my earrings pretty??  =)
i'm so glad it's friday!  woo hoo!!


HSUper Parents said...

Thanks for visiting! Your daughter is so adorable! I follow you on GFC. Happy Friday!

Veronica said...

I love Austin's little pierced ears. I got both Alyssa and Audrey's ears pierced when they were like two months old and don't regret it!