Monday, May 3, 2010

derby weekend!

we had a great weekend!  how about y'all?  on saturday we hung around the house for a while and watched movies.  i've been wanting to try to get some good photos of peanut, but she was too into playing...
our friends, tyler and sarah, had a derby party on saturday afternoon for a group of us to get together and watch the race.  i bet on awesome act, and of course, i picked the wrong one.  =)  peanut even had a horsy dress on.  =)
we had a great time!  thank you, tyler and sarah, for having us over!!

she has been doing much better.  one of our local churches in town is having revival, and last night and tonight she sat in other people's laps and played.  she is a stinker at bedtime, though.  she will not go to sleep for ben!  she cries and cries and screams, and throws her head back... basically throwing a fit for me to get her.  does anyone else have that problem with their babies ONLY wanting mommy?  surely she will outgrow that!  poor daddy doesn't get much daddy time anymore.  =(
i better go get in bed.  i have been having trouble falling asleep, so i have to lay there for forever to get sleepy lately.  =(  not fun.

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