Saturday, April 3, 2010

sick of it!

peanut and i are really sick of being sick!  she had to visit her pediatrician again this week.  i called to ask for a refill because she was almost out of medicine, but was still sick, and they were surprised that this mess was still lingering, so told me to bring her in.  sure enough, she tested positive for a little virus.  and you know what that means... no medicine will help a virus... you just have to let your body fight it off.  =(  so she got some allergy medicine and nose spray.  here she is with her little band-aid...
she did so good when they pricked her finger.  she didn't even cry as long as we kept her distracted.  and she is a bleeder!  her little finger bled and bled and bled that day.  =(  since then, she has ran fever and just been miserable.  apparently fever is common with this virus, but i think teething may be contributing to it.  bless her heart... she is just having a time.

but she's still the cutest thing ever...

i was thinking that my sinus problems were more allergies, so i quit taking all medicine except for zyrtec for a few days.  it was not doing the trick and my drainage has gotten worse, so i'm back on antibiotics.  woop-ti-doo.  i hate medicine.  =(

and no, i'm definitely not as cute when i'm sick as peanut is above.  =)

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