Thursday, April 29, 2010


pampers gave me 72 bonus points the other night when i entered my codes in!  then, a few nights later, i got more bonus points.  i'm still a little excited about it, if you can't tell!  =)

have y'all seen gymboree's new ice cream shop line?  omg... you have to.  check it out here!  it's absolutely precious!  of course, pink and brown is always my favorite combo.  can't wait till i find a coupon code, or it goes on sale!

the post that i shared with you the other day titled "buckle up," was written by a lady named stefanie.  i have read her blog for a while now, and she is just amazing.  she and her husband have adopted 5 children from china.  2 boys, and 3 girls.  and they have 4 biological children.  yes sir... that's right... they have 9 kids!  she is seriously amazing, i'm telling you.  anyway, she wrote a follow-up post titled "buckle up - part 2," and you can click HERE to check that out.  it was a great post, just like the first one.  here's stephanie with vivi, her newest beauty that she brought home a few months ago...

as y'all have figured out already, i'm obsessed with changing my blog header.  i can't help it.  i'm never satisfied with it.  it's sorta the way i feel about my hair... you know, a hairdresser is never satisfied with her hair!  so, i'm working on a new header now.  i do like this one, but it's the brown that's bothering me.  i'm sorry if it annoys you that it changes frequently!  ok, i'm really not sorry.

i'm obsessed with twitter.  you can follow me here.  and for those that follow me, let me just clear up something.  every thursday night at 9:00pm central, i take part in #bfcafe, which is a group of ladies and healthcare professionals (usually) talking about and promoting breastfeeding.  it's soooo great, and has really helped and encouraged me!  we answer each other's questions, encourage new moms, promote products, etc.  there is a sponsor each week and prizes are given away.  so, i apologize in advance for a lot of tweets from me during that time.  and i really am sorry, but you can consider yourself warned!  =)  oh, and feel free to join us if that's your type of thang.

my favorite contestants on american idol this year are...
...lee dewyze and casey james!  and if i have to choose just one, well then i would choose lee.  i would buy his album in a millisecond.  sometimes he reminds me of dave matthews, sometimes the lead singer of lifehouse... i mean, he just has it going on.  his version of "treat her like a lady" is one of my all-time favorite american idol performances EVER.

i'm currently reading "the last song" by nicholas sparks.  i am having the hardest time getting it read!  i read dear john in like 2 days.  have any of you seen the movie?  (i'm talking about the last song movie.)  what did you think about it?  i want to finish the book before i see it, because well, that's just what i want to do!  =)  i'm not a huge miley cyrus fan, but any girl has to love a nicholas sparks story.  even if you do need a whole box of kleenex.

ok, that's enough rambling for now.  =)  oh, and i guess i will give you your austin fix for the day...
it's official... she's the most beautiful thing EVER!!


Grace said...

So sweet can't wait to get my kisses!

René said...

I'm with you. I wasn't sad to see Shabon (spelling?) go this week and I really hope that Lee sticks around.