Tuesday, April 6, 2010


update on the sickness... we are much better, but still dragging.  last night, i had fever and body ache, and today i have had the worst sinus pressure in my head.  no more fever, though.  peanut is much better.  she is her normal self again, finally.

HERE is a great article on breastfeeding, for anyone interested!  it's about how if more americans would breastfeed, it would save nearly 900 babies' lives, and billions of dollars.

i am really starting to like michael buble.  where have i been??

i need to do laundry, pack away peanut's warm clothes, dust, sweep, mop... you know... the works.

a young girl and her 2 kids were in a car accident on our road yesterday.  she was going WAY too fast and lost control.  the older child lived, and the 3 month old baby was killed.  the mother was holding the baby while driving.  the carseat was in the back, and not. even. buckled. in.  makes me sick to my stomach.  it has really got me fired up about our town/county and those that run it.  our police force is a joke.  nothing is enforced.

peanut and i walked (well, i walked and she was carried along =)) to the mailbox today, and it was nice to have that few minutes of sunshine, and be out of the house.  the pollen was terrible, so i don't know how much we can stay out the rest of the week!

ben has been trying to finish up planting corn.  he has been getting home late, and it really stinks.

i've been thinking about layla grace lately.  i love the song "save a place for me" by matthew west, and it was sung at her celebration of life.  he wrote the song for his grandma when she passed away.  if you have time, watch the music video...  it's amazing.  listen to the lyrics.  (you can see the video of layla's celebration of life HERE.)

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*Jess* said...

I read that same breastfeeding article! It makes me so mad when mothers in third world countries are encouraged to formula feed.