Sunday, April 25, 2010

our love story

friday was "show us your life - how you met your husband" over at kelly's korner.  i had been meaning to participate, but it slipped up on me, and i wasn't prepared!  so... here we go!  y'all hold on to your seats!  =)  (and no judging!)  ha!
i was born in a small town in mississippi, then at age 11, my family moved to guatemala to do mission work.  we lived over there for almost 8 years, so that is where i consider one of my "homes."  the same summer that we moved, another couple moved from florida.  they were older, so i immediately took to them as my grandparents.  papa fred and moma marion (as i call them) adopted me as their grandchild, too.  we were (are!) really close.  (this photo is of me and our sponsored child, which we went to church with.)
Ashia with Sonia
ben grew up in a small town in mississippi (where we live now), and has lived here his whole life.  in fact, he was raised in the same house until he moved out on his own a couple of years before we got married.  he has always been raised on the farm, and he is a 5th (i believe, i could be mistaken) generation farmer.
ok, so almost 8 years goes by, and we moved back to mississippi.  ben's parents had gotten divorced when he was 18, and mine got divorced the year we moved back.  (he is a year older than me.)
Ben's Senior Portrait
now ben had a great uncle, uncle allen, that lived in florida and attended church with fred and marion whenever they were in the u.s.a.  uncle allen owns one of the big farms that ben farms, and he just recently passed away.  uncle allen got papa fred a speaking engagement at a local church here in mississippi, to tell them about the ministry in guatemala.  while papa fred was here, uncle allen, steve (ben's dad), and ben took him riding around the farm.  while they were visiting, papa fred told ben that he had a girl that he wanted him to meet.  ben said ok, but didn't really think that anything would come of it.  apparently before papa fred had thought of me, uncle allen had already thought about fixing my mom up with steve.  yes, ben's dad steve.

i'm not sure when all of that took place, but during the christmas holidays that year i went back to guatemala for a couple of weeks, and while i was gone papa fred got my mom to drive down and be with them for christmas.  (they were in florida.)  uncle allen heard she was coming and called steve to come meet her.  so, steve and ben drove down also.  my mom called me in guatemala and told me what was going on, so i got a friend of mine to ride with her, and to scope out ben to see if he was a keeper.  =)

are you still reading this?!?!?!  =)

and bada boom bada bang... everyone meets... except me.

my friend and my mom said that ben was definitely a keeper, and i needed to hurry my tail up and get home.  =)  after i was home a few days, steve drove down to take my mom and i out to dinner.  he shows us photos of their family, and encouraged me to meet his son, but i was very skeptical.  even though i could tell he was as handsome as all get out, i was not ready for a serious relationship.

a week or 2 later, ben and steve drove down together.  this time, steve took my mom out, and ben took me out.  from that night on, ben and i were together.  whether i was ready for a relationship or not, i had fallen right smack into it!

and 6 months later...

my mom and steve got married.  =)
Steven & Grace Good
until our parents got married, ben and i saw each other on weekends.  one of us drove to the other's house, even though it was really hard for him, since he needed to be working on the farm.  (i was new to this whole farm thing, and did not understand why anyone had to work past 5pm, or on weekends!)  we lived 3 hours apart.  when our parents got married, i moved with my mom to their small town.

anyway, we dated for FOUR LOOOOOOOONG YEARS, and one night i finally got proposed to.  =)  8 months later, we were married!
here we are, 3 years later!  all because of papa fred!  =)
hope y'all enjoyed our little love story.  =)


*Jess* said...

that is a great story :)

AnnMarie said...

She must be a great friend since she didn't try to snatch him up!!!

jessica bennett said...

i cant judge lol our love storys are too much alike. when i was little i wanted to be just like you when i grew up little did i know my love life would be a lot like yours my mom and mr randy(brads dad) met because of me and brad dating when we were 13 and jayce and brads sister dating then mom got divorced mr randy got divorced and they fell in love and married in 2004 or 2005 i dont quite remember me and brad continued to date off and on and married dec 23 2008. do you get the same looks i get when you tell your story? o and we are having a little girl due aug 21 2010 who knew me and you and mom and aunt gracie would have so much in common granny(your aunt margie) thinks its funny