Monday, April 5, 2010

our easter!

the easter bunny didn't visit our house, but peanut got some cute things from mommy and daddy!  =)  she thought her easter basket was the coolest thing ever...
...and it was pretty cool.
she was so funny!
she was really into everything, and excited about her new toys.  i can only imagine what birthday and christmas will be like this year.  oh my...
daddy was not happy about having his photo taken so early... =)
we got ready and went to church...  (sorry, no good family photo here.)  =(
then we went and had lunch with ben's family...
i haven't blogged about this, mainly because we've been sick, and then i had easter to blog about last week, but our dog, jesse james, has been missing for 2 weeks.  he has never ran away from home before, so we were pretty sure that someone stole him.  (people do that around here, especially aggressive watch dogs, and use them for fighting.)  we have all just been so upset about it.  dakota, our newest baby (whom you will meet soon, i promise!) was missing too, but came home within 2 days.  so while we were at ben's grandparent's house, his grandfather mentioned that they had a stray dog come up, and that they had been feeding him trying to earn his trust.  ben looked outside, and there was jesse james!  everyone knew that he was missing, but no one was sure what he looked like, since he stays locked up during the day.  (we keep him locked up because he's so aggressive/protective, and only let him out at night.)  he was so excited to go home, and was gonna make sure that we didn't leave without him.  so here he is on his ride home...
he has been acting a little different, so we're not sure if he was stolen and escaped, or what.  hopefully he will get back to his normal self soon.  poor thing...  2 weeks away from home, lost, no food... i guess i wouldn't be my normal self either.  =(  BUT, we are SOOOOO thankful that he is home!  it was our easter miracle!
hope y'all had a great easter, too!!!

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