Monday, April 26, 2010

my sick sweetheart

well, we didn't get blown away saturday!  please pray for the people of mississippi as many families lost all of their belongings, and some lost loved ones.  ben, austin, sydney, and i were hunkered down in the hallway, and thankfully, only experienced very loud lighting and thunder, heavy rain, and a little hail.

on sunday, ben and i had the best day!  (thanks to my mom for keeping the peanut!)  we are starting a new chapter in our lives that we feel sooooo blessed to be a part of.  i will share more soon, but let's just say that God has really been doing a work in us!

i woke up this morning to austin having a horrible, horrible, horrible rash.  at least to me, it was horrible, horrible, horrible!  =)  i thought that she has been really starting to teethe, because she has ran fever for a few days straight, not feeling good, vomiting at least once a day, up through the night, etc.  when i saw this rash, my first thought was that it was because of all of the fever that she's had.  i took photos and emailed to my cousin (she's a nurse, and the one that i bother about the least little thing!), and she said that she really thought it was a virus, keep an eye that it didn't get worse, and let it run it's course.  well, daddy ben wasn't satisfied without someone looking at it up close, so we visited the clinic this afternoon.  we couldn't get in to see her pediatrician at the last minute, so we saw mine and ben's regular CNP.  she confirmed that it was a viral infection.  =(  bless my baby's heart.  she has had a time.  where do these viruses keep coming from?!

for the most part, she's been pretty good...
except for trying to get out of the swing, trying to get our of the bouncy seat, and trying to get out of her crib.  =)  after ben moved the crib down a notch (this post), the next night, we moved it all the way down.  i'm so short that it has been hard for me to manage it.  i do ok, until the paci gets on the other side and i can't reach it.  so we have a stash of pacis close by in case that happens.  =)

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