Saturday, April 24, 2010

long time no write

hey y'all... as you can tell, i've been in a blogger funk lately.  well, maybe not really a funk, i just haven't taken the time to sit in front of the computer.  miss peanut is getting more and more active (we are crawling now!), so when she goes down at night, so have i.  i promise to catch up soon!!!!  we're having bad weather right now, so i'm not gonna stay online long.  just wanted to say, "hey!"  =)  i'll leave you with some proof...
hope everyone else is having a great weekend!  we're trying not to get blown away!  =)


Shannon said...

Everything does change so much when they become mobile. I've been there...now at 9 months GG is beginning to walk. Yet another change, yikes and yay at the same time. Stormy here today too! :(

~ Alberto, Allison, & Aliyah ~ said...

She is a tiny little peanut Ash!!!! What a cutie! I want to squeeze her and love her! :)