Friday, April 16, 2010

happy birthday to me

for my birthday, ben told me to order whatever i wanted from the vintage pearl.  it took me a long time to decide what i wanted to get, but i finally did and placed my order.  i waited for forever, every day checking the tracking info online, and my mailbox, just in case the tracking info wasn't updated.  after several weeks, i contacted them, and ended up having to stay in contact with them and also with the post office.  after a month, the post office said that the package was lost and there was nothing they could do.  i told erin at the vintage pearl what they said, hoping that she would send me a new necklace, and she did!  she was so great about it.  i feel so bad that it happened that way.  maybe one day, the original package will show up and i can send it back to her.  so without futher adew, meet my new favorite piece of jewelry...
i got the square piece as an extra, because honestly i couldn't decide between that one and the circle.  =)  now i can switch them around if i want.  the sapphire is peanut's birthstone.  i can also order a la carte, like with my future children's names and add to the same necklace.

y'all go check them out... the vintage pearl!


Goodnight moon said...

Soooo sooo sooo sweet! As you know, I LOVE Erin also! You did a great job picking out your necklaces. They are beeauuutiful!

BTW...I have a FREE giveaway on my blog. I'm not sure if you have entered to win yet....I haven't kept track of who has entered yet. Make sure you comment to enter!


Grace said...

So cute, I'm glad you finally got it!