Monday, April 19, 2010

growing too fast

at nap time today, peanut woke up right away, and wouldn't go back to sleep.  what's new, right?  well, i let her play and talk for a while in her bed, and i just happened to glance at the monitor and see her standing looking over the side of the bed.  i ran back there and got her, only to then go and get the camera for proof.  =)
so... another sad thing happened in our house tonight.  but i'm already over it.  =)  we had to move the crib down a notch!

we also got something reaaaaaaally good in the mail today!  our layla grace tutu!  (the tutu and yellow hat with flower were both fundraisers for layla's foundation.)
here's the angel herself, miss layla grace, in hers...
i couldn't really get peanut to cooperate, and it was overcast today, so my photos didn't turn out too good.  we will have to try again tomorrow.
hope y'all had a happy monday!


Goodnight moon said...

So cute!!! Did you change your header too? It looks cute! Love the tutu...and the pic outside with the tutu and cute princess shirt is adorable...but my fav is the bottom one!

Pretty pretty princess!

Veronica said...

Wow, looks like I've missed a bunch! Love all the new pics and new header! ;) Austin looks precious in her new hat and tutu! So sweet!