Thursday, April 15, 2010

bye bye baby things!

i got in a mood last week to clean up a little bit around the house.  i've been so sick of the pack-n-play being in our bedroom.  i mean, i loved the convenience of laying peanut back down there in the middle of the night after nursing, and not having to go all the way back to her room.  but i got to thinking... she will never sleep in her bed as long as i keep doing that.  so... it had to go.
after ben took it to the storage, i was a little sad.  =(  i'm still working on packing away her warm clothes to get them outta here.  i thought i was going to also pack away the swing and bouncy seat, but i can still strap her into them.  without the straps she climbs out, so we'll see how much longer that will last.  i need to get into the cleaning mood again today or tomorrow.  my bedroom looks like a dust storm hit it.  here are the kiddos while i vacuumed...
she doesn't really do too good in this bumbo seat.  =(  i hope my next baby does.  she just won't sit in it like she's supposed to.  she wiggles and turns sideways (getting her legs stuck, resulting in fussing), and tries to get out.  i use it a lot trying to get good photos of her, though, with a blanket thrown over.  i'm looking for a pretty field (maybe a patch?) of flowers around to take the bumbo and try to get her photo, since she's still not sitting up on her own.

well, enough rambling for this morning.  one last photo...  =)

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Goodnight moon said...

Gesh...I know the feeling!!!! It feels so good to put their things away doesn't it! I'm doing the same thing in my house too! Actually, I should be in my baby's room right now doing that, instead of sitting in front of the computer!