Tuesday, March 9, 2010

trying to catch up!

this post may be all over the place, so i will just apologize in advance!

i haven't blogged much lately mostly because peanut and i have been sick again with the same old cold.  we went out of town this weekend, and she was wonderful, but kept having a runny nose, and just didn't feel good.  i'm pretty sure she had a little fever a time or 2.  so yesterday morning, i decided that we have been sick long enough.  it's been off and on for over a month now!  we went to my doctor, then to her doctor, then went home and got sydney, and took her to the vet for her check up and shots!  we went to the drug store and got our prescriptions, and since then have just been laying low and trying to rest and get well.  sydney is finally starting to feel better this afternoon, and i think austin is too.  her nose hasn't been near as bad.

when we got back home on sunday, we went over to our friends' pond to watch a little fishing.  here's tyler with one of his many catches...
we didn't stay long, so peanut wouldn't have to be out in the cool air.  she got to talk to luke a little bit though and catch up... =)
agh... i just love her...

i started back giving her baby food.  here she is with her first vegetable!  squash!
she has been doing really good with it the past couple of days, so i think tomorrow we will try something new.

our new baby monitors are the best thing since sliced bread.  and i'm not kidding.  they are wonderful!!!!  she has been sleeping in her room since we got them.  they are SO quiet.  zero interference.  i'm SO happy with them!  spread the word... summer infant is the best brand of monitors!

hope everyone had a great weekend.  keep the marsh family in your prayers!

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Veronica said...

So sad to hear about Layla Grace's passing. It's amazing how a total stranger can affect our lives forever. That's how I feel about Kelly and Harper.

I'm sorry you guys have been feeling under the weather for so long. It will be nice when the weather gets better and the sun is out more!

P.S. I love your new header. Austin looks so cute in her new hat!