Thursday, March 11, 2010

smocked clothes!

monday, after we all took our medicine and had a little nap, we went over to tyler and sarah's for a shrimp & grits children's clothing party!  i was doomed from the moment i walked in the door and saw all of the beautiful smocked clothes!  here is what peanut ended up with...
aren't they precious??  i'm such a sucker for smocked clothes.  espeicially the bishop dresses.  they're just TOO adorable!  these were all from their 2010 spring line.  i got the dragonfly outfit in a bigger size for next summer.  sarah will have another party when the fall line comes out, so i'm excited about that!  maybe then i can get her a christmas dress.  my next bishop dress purchase will probably be from rags land.  i just love their mississippi state smocked bishop dress, and i want it for peanut so bad in case we go to a football game or 2 this year!  catherine is a rags land representative if anyone is interested!

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mommyrg said...

aww, LOve the outfits!!! I'm a sucker for smocked clothing myself!! Nothing looks more like a "little girl" to me!The good thing about the bishop dresses is that they can wear them for several sizes,you can let the hem out. So they are worth the money, that's what I tell myself! ;)