Thursday, March 18, 2010

photo storage

i was reading this post by kelly, and it really got to thinking about backing up my photos.  i would have a heart attack if something happened to our photos and videos of austin.  i have them saved to an external hard drive, but those things are known to occasionally crash too!
so i've been checking into all kinds of websites that you can back up your hard drive to, or just your photos. looks pretty good.  or should i just use a photo website like flickr, shutterfly, or picasa?
i've thought about using picasa and just upgrading the storage limit.  it seems like the easiest thing.  i know flickr is all the rave, but i must be a slow learner.  i just can't figure it out!
i'm also planning on burning them to cd's or dvd's soon and keeping them in a lock box.  better safe than sorry!  photos are sooooooo important to us!  they are so precious, and can never be replaced!
so tell me... how do you save your photos??  i know i'm not the only goober that just keeps them on the computer and never prints them out!  ha!  =)  do you use an online service?  dvd's?  hard drives?
and one other question... i try to shoot most of austin's photos in RAW.  if you do that, do you size down your photos to save them?  i've been keeping the outrageously huge files, but i'm thinking some of the every day shots i could scale down some?  ugh... that sure does sound like a lot of work!  =)


The Lindley Family said...

You are exactly right...storing photos is a LOT of work! But worth it! I save all of mine to CD's and plan to store in our safe, but haven't made it there yet. It takes FOREVER to download them, but I don't delete them from my camera card until I get them saved to a CD. I wish I could get them into Shutterfly book before I deleted them, but since I am only 17 MONTHS behind on my photo scrapbooks that just doesn't happen! There is a little thing called lack of uninterrupted computer time that keeps me from this!

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel, I have started using to get my pics developed. Its cheap! They run special all the time. I have all of Briley's pictures their, on my work & home computer, & even on my usb drive. LOL I know its a lot but I just want to be safe. Good luck trying to figure it out.

Veronica said...

Oh, I'm so bad at doing the whole photo save thing. I'm not computer savvy at all, so I just mainly get a CD made everytime I go to develop my pics. When I hear people talk about external hard drives and such, I feel like it goes right over my head! I need to work on figuring all that stuff out though...I would hate to lose all my stuff. That actually just happened back in September and I about cried my eyeballs out when I lost EVERYTHING from as far back as when Alyssa was a baby! :(

P.S Dumb question...I read how Kelly talked about taking her pics in RAW that a technical term for something you do using a DSLR camera? I'm still using a simple point and shoot so I am so in the dark about photography terminology!