Thursday, March 25, 2010

pediatrician & sippy cup

peanut had her 6 month check up and shots last thursday.  she did really good, and we were so proud of her!  she only cried with the last shot.  my only concern was her weight.  i don't know if anyone noticed, but her weight (according to our scales at home) was the same with her 5 month post, and her 6 month.  her pediatrician said that her head and weight are in the 15th percentile, which is ok.  the head always leads the rest of the body.  she's growing normally, just smaller than others her age.  she had gained a couple of pounds since her 3 month check up according to their records, so they weren't concerned at all with her weight.  and even though her head and weight is 15th percentile, her length is 50th!  they had thought that she would be little and petite like me, but now it looks like she will be tall!  time will tell!  (ok, i just looked up the growth chart online, and it's saying that her head and length are in the 50th percentile, and her weight is 15th.  ugh... why does this have to be so confusing!)
later that day i introduced her to a sippy cup for the first time, since her pediatrician said that she can eat anything now, and to start giving her juice.  she did not know what to think about this cup.
she thinks she can bite it and get the juice out.  she still hasn't figured out that she needs to suck on it.  she started getting mad, so i quit trying and waited a few days.  but now, she still isn't getting it.  i put a little juice in a bottle for her but she's not interested in it.  =(  i guess i will try that again in a few days, too.
she is still such a good baby.  she's getting so much personality that it's crazy.  it's really fun!


*Jess* said...

My kids had a hard time figuring out the sippy cup as well! One of my friends told me to take the valve out and fill it with a little water. That way, they figure out that it comes out of the spout with a little sucking. Then, you can put the valve back in so they have to suck the same way, but just harder now!

Veronica said...

Hey Ashia...just read Jess' comment and that's exactly what I did with both of my girls and it helped out! It does take some time but she will figure out how it works for sure!

So glad that Austin is doing so well and it just seems like she's just petite for her age! I wouldn't know what that's about because my girls grew so fast! Seriously...both of them outgrew the infant carrier by about 4 months. Crazy, huh! :)