Friday, March 26, 2010

our weekend

we traveled south this past weekend to visit family and go to my cousin's wedding.  we had a great time, and peanut did great, even though she was out late and passed around by everyone for some lovin.

here she is getting a bath in papaw's sink.  i took a bath in this sink many times when i was little.
i had 2 cousins getting married on saturday.  it was horrible because i had to choose which wedding to go to.  before i knew that they were on the same day, i had been promising my cousin ginnie that i would be there, so i felt like i needed to go to hers.  it was really nice and we had a great time visiting with family!
peanut had fun with ginnie, granny, aunt lana, and uncle tommy!
 on sunday, we went to church with my papaw...
she was soooooo wore out by the end of the weekend.

i did a speedy shopping trip to ann taylor on friday to get this dress for the wedding...
i had the hardest time picking one out, because they have so many new cute items for summer!  i have become obsessed with ann taylor clothes.  i hardly have any because they're a little over my budget, but i think they are just fabulous.  i love their style.  i will really enjoy this dress since it's warming up around here!  i have decided to completely forget about trying to wear shorts this summer, and just go with dresses and maybe a few pairs of capris that i already have.  i will just spice them up with new shirts and jewelry!  another thing i've gotten obsessed with... jewelry.  gold jewelry.  and wearing more than 1 necklace... as you can tell from the pic of me at the wedding!

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