Monday, March 29, 2010

not again...

i am sick... again... and it's getting very old.  i'm starting another round of antibiotics tonight.

in spite of being sick, we had a wonderful weekend!  we went down south (again!) and had such a great time!  for one thing, ben, me, austin, and sydney were together, so there was no one to be missing back at home.  =) 

my cousin gage had his 6th birthday party on saturday.  he is soooo into football right now, so i keep reminding him when he gets rich and famous playing football he can't forget about us!  =) 
rivers, michelle, & gage...
saturday night we had my papaw's 70th birthday party.  we weren't really planning it to be a surprise, because we figured he would find out, but it turned out to be a surprise!  it was so much fun!  peanut didn't do good at first.  i think she was overwhelmed with so many people around.  of course they all wanted to talk to her and hold her, but she wanted her mommy.  i ended up taking her to the car to feed her and get her to calm down, then when we went back in, she went right to sleep...
peanut finally got to meet miss ann marie!  ann marie and i have been friends since like the 8th or 9th grade!  (and btw, this is the ice cream/cupcake smocked dress from shrimp & grits!  precious!!!!)
happy birthday, papaw!!!!
i love you!!!!
on sunday we got up early (and were still late, imagine that!) to take 5 generation photos with my family!  i am sooooooooooooo happy that i got this done!  it was really last minute.  i had planned at first for austin and i just to go visit my great grandmother.  then i decided that we would take my good camera and i would get my stepmom to take some snapshots for us, and i got my dad to ask his dad to join in on the photos to get the 5 generation photo.  then i decided that this just had to be perfect, and i started scrambling to find a last minute photographer to have a shoot with us.  it just happened to work out with our friend kyle that he was willing and able to meet up with us, and take our very special 5 generation photos!  i can't wait to see them!

hope everyone had a great weekend!!  i'm headed for a nap!

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