Monday, March 1, 2010

my sweet girl

peanut and i had a girls day out on saturday.  i got in the mood to go out shopping, plus i still needed to pick her up some baby food, so we ventured out most of the day on saturday.  she did great!  she hung out in the wrap through one store, and the rest of the time she mostly laid in her carseat and rode in a buggy.  i fed her cereal in the car before we went in the restaurant for lunch, and she was so funny.  i had her laying in the back seat, and she figured out that she could push up against the seat and her head would go off of the seat.  she thought it was funny, but i had to move her to keep her from completely falling off.  she was an angel.  she didn't cry the whole way to town, and only a little on the way home, until i pulled over long enough to stick her paci in, and she went right to sleep.  i see many more days out in our future!

she has been really enjoying her high chair!
she had her first taste of applesauce on saturday night.  she didn't seem too excited about it, but she ate it!
since then, her tummy seems to be bothering her, so we have went back to just cereal, and she eats it fine.  i don't think she was quite ready for food.  i wanted to wait a little longer, but her gammy wanted her to have applesauce so bad!  =)

i feel like i have really been slacking in taking photos of peanut lately.  i need to try to do better!  hope y'all had a great weekend!

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The Lindley Family said...

My doctor suggested starting with yellow/orange vegetable-type foods (squash, carrots, sweet potatoes, etc.) to prevent the sweet tooth and my girls LOVED squash! Also they told us to feed them the same type of baby food for 3 days straight before moving to another so that we could monitor for any food allergies! GOOD LUCK!!! They are fun to watch eat different things!