Tuesday, March 16, 2010

i'm so behind!

obviously, i have been putting blogging at the bottom of my to-do list!  and man, i have really missed my computer time!!

sunday we had a little family get-together to see aunt evelyn.  she is ben's great aunt, so it was good to be able to visit with her a little bit.

peanut wore her zebra pillowcase dress.  it was so precious on her!  here we are at youth that night...
(wow, i really hate my little point and shoot camera!)

we had tyler, sarah, lane, and luke over for dinner the other night.  austin and luke were so funny. 
we let a baby einstein dvd entertain them while we ate.  it worked pretty good.
you can really see how small austin is here.  she is 2 months older than luke, and they look about the same size!

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