Wednesday, March 31, 2010

easter basket

i am getting so excited for peanut's first easter!!  i thought that i would post her easter basket for y'all to see!
i have been soooooo disappointed this year.  i guess this is the first year that i've really paid attention to all of the things sold at easter time, since i now have an easter basket to fill, but seriously... this holiday is all about the easter bunny!  people have no clue what the true meaning of easter is!!!!  it took me forever and a day to find a "religious" (i hate that word!) easter card to buy at walmart.  only ONE was to be found that was for children.  good thing it was really cute and perfect for what i wanted, because there were no other options.  probably the most special thing in peanut's basket is this book...
i love for children to have books, especially from people that they love and love them, with special messages inside.  for christmas, ben and i each gave her a book with special notes from us.  i hope she grows up to treasure all of the books that we give her and pass them on to her children!  anyway, we will always teach her the true meaning of easter, and this book illustrates it beautifully!

are you ready for easter??  i've got to get my house clean and in order this week so that we can enjoy the weekend!  yikes!


*Jess* said...

I haven't even begun my shopping! I have no idea when I'll do that!

Veronica said...

Totally with you about teaching our children the "real" meaning of Easter! Alyssa's almost five and I've never really gone out and bought her a real Easter basket before. She always gets some neat treats from our families, so I don't worry about her missing out on that too much.

I love the book you picked out for Austin and I'm thinking I may have to go out and find us one too!