Friday, April 2, 2010

my little booty bunny

i took peanut a couple of weeks ago to make a booty bunny plate!!!!  i went and finished up painting it, with only a little help from the girls that work there.  =)  they mostly helped me with the letters at the top.  i totally forgot to take my camera that day but here are 2 photos from my phone....

and here's the finished product!  =)
see, her booty print is the body of the bunny.  and obviously, her little foot prints are the ears.
this is on the back...
this will probably embarrass the snot out of her until she's old enough to appreciate it.  =)  for now, i will cherish it until it's time to hand it down to her!

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The Lindley Family said...

That is too cute - love it!!! I love the black and white picture above - she is an absolute doll. Good seeing y'all this weekend! I know that you are going to miss your mom terribly - thinking of all of you during this bittersweet move!