Saturday, February 6, 2010

well... i made it!

pray for our little family!  ben's flight tomorrow at 5pm has been canceled.  the travel agent is going to try to get them out sometime on monday!  here's to hoping!

we left our sweet peanut on tuesday late afternoon.  it wasn't hard as i thought it was going to be.  i had tried to make myself get excited about this trip, so i had been only thinking about the positives.

wednesday morning came bright and early and we flew out, along with out friends, to d.c. with a connection in charlotte, nc.

there was still snow on the ground when we arrived and got checked in, so ben and i went out on a little adventure for a couple of hours.  we only had time to visit union station for souvenirs and the postal museam.

that evening, we had a social event with our senator, thad cochran, which was very fun and exciting.  he was just the nicest man.  he even played us a couple of tunes on the piano!

all day on thursday we had meetings with our other senators, congressman, and representatives from their offices.  we also met the president of farm bureau, and was shown around their offices, which were very interesting.  (not many photos from those places on my camera, but i will have to get copies from other friends cameras!)  this was on the roof of the farm bureau building...

i started getting really homesick for austin by wednesday night.  by thursday, all flights had been cancelled for saturday (the day we were supposed to leave) because of the snow storm that was on it's way.  so what do you think that i did when i heard that news!?  why, freak out, of course!  =)  my bestest hubby in the whole world paid for me an early flight, so i flew home yesterday morning before the storm hit.  he is, as i type, still stuck in d.c. with the rest of our group.  they have been playing cards, trying to find open grocery stores and restaurants, watching what few channels are still playing in that area, calling home, taking photos, and who knows what else!  =)  he informed me this morning that they were able to book a flight out for tomorrow around 5pm, so let's hope that it doesn't get canceled.

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