Sunday, February 21, 2010

visits from grandparents!

we have had round 2 of the crud at our house.  well, actually just peanut and i have had it.  daddy somehow has managed to stay well.  friday was the first day that i started to feel like i could manage keeping peanut without me falling asleep from my medicine.  cold medicine is the worst.  often times, it's worse than the cold itself.

even though we weren't feeling good this past week, we had a very busy one!  we enjoyed a visit from papa fred and moma marion starting on sunday.  they couldn't believe how much peanut had grown, and enjoyed spending time with her and making her smile.
after they left, my papaw came into town for a few days.  we love it when papaw comes to visit.  he is in love with this little girl.

my sister-in-law, sarah, has a new web page for her jewelry.  you know, the one that made the cute nightlight in peanut's room?  you can check it out HERE!  they are in the process of adopting from ethiopia, so i know she would appreciate any sales or passing her info along to anyone you think may be interested!  here is a sample of some of her work...

hope everyone had a great weekend!

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