Tuesday, February 2, 2010

pump up the volume

my hair is naturally wavy and f.l.a.t.

i've been on a mission the past couple of years to find great volumizing hair products.  in the salon, i could use anything on a client, and it would seem to work great.  but at home on myself... not so much.  (see, even us hairdressers sometimes have a difficult time doing our own hair!)

i tend to not use conditioner because it weighs my hair down even more.  unless i have highlights, and then i have to use conditioner to be able to even run my fingers through it.  i do like to use some kind of blow-dry lotion, mousse, etc. to keep it from frizzing and having static.

ever since i went to cosmetology school, i have tried different products, so i thought that i would give a little run down on what i think of some of them.  (keep in mind that my hair is fine, and was color-treated during the majority of these trials.  the products will work differently for other types of hair.)  (another tip for people with really fine hair... get highlights!  it will give you a huge boost!)

starting with one of the best... suave professionals volumizing shampoo.  for only $1.99, this stuff is great.  it really did work for me.  i used 2 bottles in a row because i liked it so much, but by the end, my hair was super dry.
fekkai technician color care...  loved it!!  unfortunately, it's over $20 for just a bottle of shampoo, so i tried a small travel size bottle, and had to call it quits.  but, if money isn't an issue for you, this is a wonderful shampoo for color-treated hair!

herbal essences body envy shampoo.  in my opinion, this is an ok product.  nothing grand, nothing horrible.  i will not be buying a second bottle.
jonathan serious volume shampoo... great shampoo.  really volumizes, but i could not comb out my hair without using the conditioner that goes with it.  this is another doozy... in the over $20 category.  again, i only used the trial size.
matrix ampify volumizing shampoo for color-treated hair... great shampoo!  i didn't buy another bottle right away, but this is definately one worth going back to in the future!
matrix biolage shampoo for color-treated hair.  great shampoo (smells fabulous!), but with nothing to give my hair a boost, it makes it flat.
redken body full volumizing shampoo... i was soooo disappointed in this shampoo, and the whole line of body full products.  didn't work for me.  i hate it, too, because i really like redken.
redken extreme shampoo for distressed hair.  this is a WONDERFUL shampoo.  i always go back to it after getting highlights over and over and over again.  my hair will eventually get pure gross feeling, and this shampoo makes all the difference in the world with restoration.
redken guts volumizing spray foam... the smell of this product takes me back to high school, because i used this back then.  i recently bought a can and i have not been impressed.  doesn't plump me up like i expected it too.  so i guess i will just enjoy the smell every morning until it's gone.  =)

i will do more of these later, including my newest favorite volumizing shampoo that i'm currently using.  maybe i should start a little random cosmetology post thing, and post about different products and tips?  hmmmm, i will have to think about that.
do have a favorite volumizing product that you just loooooove??  tell me about it!  i will give it a try!


Veronica said...

What a cool post! I'm not going to be of any help suggestion volumizing products as my problem is exactly the opposite. I have too much volume and I'd love to have a little less body! :)

If you do continue with fun posts like this, maybe you can do one of facial products, like what I mentioned on my post from today. I've been using Bare Essentials and it's doing nothing for me. I'm going nuts because my face is so yucky right now. Any suggestions? :)

Aimee said...

Love this post..I am a product junkie. :)

I have highlights...so I am always trying to find the perfect shampoo that won't strip my color and will condition, but not make flat and greasy. Its hard!! I am using that Matrix one you posted now.... but for volume..I spray Paul Mitchell hairspray on my roots and then blow dry. I know its a NO NO..but the spray works great before you flat iron your hair. :)

DeAnne Coleman said...

Thank you for this post! I have fine, thin, unplump hair and I'm in constant search of something to give it some volume! I use Big Sexy Hair root pump spray moose...think that's the right name. Love it!

The Sasser Crew said...

I love this post!!! More of the same, please...