Monday, February 1, 2010

party over at veronica's!

one of my sweet bloggy friends, veronica, is celebrating her one year blogiversary.  she's the girl that owns hooked on you hats.  remember these photos of peanut in her harper hat??

anyway, for her blogiversary, she will be doing giveaways this week, so head on over here to check them out!  you can also grab her cute little blog button for the occasion!  =)

i'm running around like a chicken with it's head cut off trying to get ready for this trip.  i have soooo much that i need to get done.  and as if i didn't have enough to do, my hair has really been getting on my nerves, so i scheduled a hair appointment.  =)  you know... gotta be looking good representing our lovely magnolia state of mississippi.  =)  so i don't know how much blogging i will get done here in the next few days.  keep praying for my separation anxiety!  =(

1 comment:

Veronica said...

Thanks so much for the shout out! You are too kind!