Thursday, February 25, 2010

meeting amy and a new trick

we have had a great week so far.  it started out with a visit from amy on sunday afternoon...
she and i went to high school together in guatemala, and she is one of the few friends that i keep up with.  we enjoy getting together whenever we can!  poor thing, austin was sleepy and in a crabby mood, but at least they got to meet!

this is peanut's new trick...
after her cereal, she is always so grouchy wanting her bottle right away that i hardly have time to get it to her.  i started just handing it to her, and she goes to town.  i watch her closely to make sure she doesn't choke, and then get her up and burp her.  ha!  gives me a little time to get everything cleaned up from the cereal mess!  she must think that she's a big girl.

we broke out the mesh feeder the other day.  i put a piece of ice in it, and today it was the first day that she was interested in it.  she bit and sucked on it until the ice had almost completely melted.
other than just hanging out at home, and trying to get over our runny noses, nothing else has been going on.  i need to make it to town today or tomorrow to get a gift, and stock up on.... drumroll please.... baby food!  yep, it's about that time.  =(  i'm a little sad.  what age did your baby start baby food?  i'm trying to wait as close to 6 months as i can!


Unknown said...

Bailey started at 5 months. She seemed to never be satisfied.. she was a piggy. Dr Ski said she could start on light colored food first like squash, applesauce, bananas, etc... then to carrots and so on. Hope I'm some help!

Julianna said...

LOVE her overalls :) They look familiar ;)

..also, love that scarf!!