Sunday, February 7, 2010

magnified volume - the favorites

this is my current shampoo...
chi magnified volume shampoo.  it has been wonderful for me!  i only use the shampoo daily, and the conditioner once or twice a week.  i really am loving it.  i bought a boxed set that was shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, and root lifter.  so far it has really worked!  i know chi is sort of hard to come by, though.  not every salon sells it.  they are most famous for their flat irons, which are 100% fabulous in every way, and totally worth the $120.

[i should insert here that i am ridiculously o.c.d. about things matching.  and i do mean ridiculously.  i want my underwear to match my outfit, and i want austin to have everything matching (outfit, bow, paci, blanket, burp cloth, AND bib!).  if i have chi shampoo, then i want chi conditioner, chi hairspray, chi mousse, chi leave-in conditioner... you get the idea.  ALL of my clothes used to be from american eagle, and i refused to buy anything other than that brand.  (now going in that store just makes me feel really old!)  so yea, you see what i mean.]

so besides chi being one of my favorite brands, my very favorite is probably tigi.  you know, the bed head and catwalk products?  every one of their products smells great, and really work.  my only complaint is their aerosol hairspray cans always gunk up inside and quit spraying before the can is empty.  it has happened to me numerous times.  or either it will spray, but spray going up or down, and not straight out.  this is my favorite shampoo...
it's called superstar (that's where i got the name for my photography blog, superstarz.)  it smells like strawberries in a way.  use that shampoo with these... (superstar blow-dry lotion, and root lifter)
...and you have some serious volume going on.  i'm not joking!!  the difference really is amazing.  the first week that i used those 3 products together, i went around telling everyone about it.

so there you have it.  my favorite shampoo and products to date.  =)  i know that y'all couldn't live another day without knowing that.  =)

i am trying to come up with a post on facial care.  i have been asked my advice on products, and since i'm the product junkie that i am, i have opinions on that, too.  so stay tuned!

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