Sunday, February 14, 2010

happy valentine's! / gung hay fat choy!

we had a great weekend!  since it has been so rainy, snowy, and wet, daddy stayed home with us all weekend!  on friday, peanut and i got deliveries from daddy.  she got a sweet little doll and i got gerbera daisies!
ben really enjoyed being home with austin this weekend.  he got to spend a lot of time with her, which he loved.  
ok, so who does she look like?!?!?  i have had so many people going back and forth lately.  i guess she's a good mixture of both of us?  i just can't tell.

i don't know if you can see from these photos, but she has been loosing a lot of hair lately.  check out her newborn hair..

today we spent our day celebrating chinese new year, since we're not really big fans of valentine's day.  ben and i both tried new things at the chinese restaurant, and i don't think either of us were really crazy about them.  we still had a good time being out together, and we made our walmart trip for a while.  peanut hung out, and napped in her wrap with mommy.  one little girl saw us and yelled, "look, mommy!  she has a baby in her shirt!!"  it was so cute!  i have been sweetly surprised with the major interest that little girls take in austin.  isn't it amazing how motherly instincts can kick in so young?  we are just destined to be mommies!  i love it...

well, i hope y'all had a great new year, for those of you celebrating!  that was my only good thing about getting one year closer to 30.  china = one year closer!  =)  and to those of you celebrating valentine's... i hope you all had a super sweet one!

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Veronica said...

Such sweet pics of Austin! She looks like such a happy girl! I'm glad you guys had a nice family day together. I don't really think I know anyone who celebrates Chinese New Year, so that was pretty neat to hear that you guys celebrate that!