Monday, February 8, 2010

daddy's home!

after a very long day yesterday, ben finally made it home around 9pm.  we were SO glad to see him!!

yesterday morning, i got peanut ready for church, and she was SO sleepy.  she cuddled up to this little puppet in the floor and fell asleep...
since she's starting to want to hold on to things and cuddle, i think it's about time for her baby be blessed doll!

yesterday afternoon and night, we had a little superbowl get-together with friends.  peanut enjoyed having someone hold her all night, or play with her.  leigh kathryn doesn't look to enthused in this photo, but she really was having fun, i promise.  =)
i was soooooo bummed that the colts lost.  it still isn't a very good subject for me to talk about.  i'll get over it one day.

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