Thursday, January 7, 2010


first of all, thank you all so much for your encouraging comments on my last post.  y'all made me feel like i could work up some courage and be brave, so i put austin in her bed last night until she woke up and 2am.  i hadn't slept much until then, partly because of checking on her, and partly because our baby monitors are crazy.  (there is a lot of interference noise.  i guess i need to find a better place to put mine.  they are the video kind.)  anyway, at 2am i fed her and just put her down in our room so that i could sleep.  she will sometimes skip that 2-3am feeding, and then maybe she will be in her bed all night.  baby steps.  =)
her aunt sarah made this nightlight for her.  i loooooooooove it!  we got to use it last night for the first time!  yay!  i also put my ipod on in her room with hillsong going really low. 

we had a little bit of snow this morning.  yes, it's true.  just this little bit of snow, and the whole state shuts down.  =)  but we're happy for our little bitty bit anyway.  we bundled up and went outside for some fresh and cold air, and austin's first look at the white stuff!  i'm sure she was thrilled inside.  =)
i know you friends and family of mine "up north" are laughing at us right now!  =)  ha!  i love you anyway!  =)

i have kinda been m.i.a. with my blog lately, i know.  i'm still recuperating from the holidays, i suppose.  =)  austin is getting more and more playful, so it's getting hard for me to manage my time.  here she is watching praise baby for mama to do some laundry.
she will tolerate playing by herself for a little while.  her 4 month shots are coming up in 2 weeks, and i'm already getting a knot in my stomach thinking about it.  ugh.

hope y'all are staying warm!  burrrrrrrrrr.....

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