Monday, January 25, 2010

sleepy time

i have been under the weather since friday, so i haven't felt like blogging lately.  any spare minute that i get, i sleep!  i can't seem to shake it off!  thank goodness that tylenol cold did the trick, but i could only take it a few times because it made me SO sleepy.  we had planned on going out friday night, but i felt so bad that my mom made me potato soup, and we all stayed in and watched movies.  and thank you, mom, for watching austin friday and saturday, so that i could get some much needed sleep!

just to check in on what we've been up to... other than napping!

ben took me out saturday night to one of my favorite restaurants for our anniversary.  we had a double date with our good friends natalie and justin.  i meant to get a picture of us at our table, but of course i forgot.  when we got home, this was peanut and miss hollie cuddled on the couch asleep... =)
thank you, hollie (and steven!) for a night out!

we got these in the mail on saturday!  rivers had written me a letter at school, so her brother gage had to write ben, too.  =)  things like this make me smile.  children can just make your day, can't they?

austin has been really into the baby einstein dvd lately.  her gums have been really bothering her.  today we've had a runny nose and several poopy diapers, so i'm thinking maybe we're teething for real now.  bless her heart.  she hasn't really been that crabby, she just seems to nap a little more.  everything she gets her hands on goes right to her mouth, and if she can't find anything, she uses her fingers.  like this...

hope y'all had a great weekend!!

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