Thursday, January 28, 2010

sick baby

thank you to grandma lenaee for this cute brown outfit!  we love it!!  (the pants aren't short on her.  daddy just didn't pull them down!)  =)
i've decided that the color brown looks really good on her.  =)  this is one of her first 3-6 month outfits to wear!

having a little daddy time before bed...

as you can see from my wordless wednesday, peanut had to visit her pediatrician for the first time as a sick baby on tuesday.  she is very congested and has a runny nose.  we have just been feeling pretty lousy around our house!


*Jess* said...

cute outfit! I hope she feels better soon :)

Veronica said...

What a sweet girl! I hope you guys get to feeling better SOON.

Also..hope you don't think I forgot about your hat order. I'm just a tiny bit behind, but will get your package in the mail tomorrow for sure!