Tuesday, January 12, 2010

pillowcase dress

look what peanut got in the mail yesterday!
i've been wanting to get her a pillowcase dress for a while now, and i found this one on ebay for a great price.  the monogramming was free, and it also comes with a matching bow!  (haven't received the bow yet.)  it'll be a while before she can wear it.  the lady had several made for sec teams, but not mississippi state, so i asked her and she said that she would look into their colors, mascot, etc.  i hope she makes one!

i think i finally convinced my hubby to let me get her ears pierced!  i had mine done when i was around 6, and it was a horrible experience.  i always messed with them so they got infected, bled, the whole 9 yards.  it was gross.  so i've always wanted to do my daughter's when she was little to avoid the grossness.  =)  the ear piercing place recommends 2 months, so i think she'll be getting that done asap.  whew.  so glad that that argument is over.  =)

while some of you are thinking now that i'm bad mother, let me just go ahead and make your opinion worse!  =)  i've decided to go along with ben on a trip next month.  it's with farm bureau, and to one of my favorite places.... d.c.!  i just hated to turn down the opportunity.  we will have a lot of free time, so i know ben and i will enjoy seeing things that we didn't get to see on our last trip there.  plus, i think farm bureau is getting us in the white house, and i don't know when another chance like that may come up, so i just hated to say no.  on the other hand, i really hated to say yes, and choose to leave peanut for 4 days.  =(  it breaks my heart to think about leaving her.  she'll only be 4 1/2 months old!  another thing was that i was really afraid that during this trip, i wouldn't pump like i should, and my milk would dry up.  i'm gonna try really hard for that not to happen, especially since i have a new found love for breastfeeding.  (never thought in a million years that i would love breastfeeding!)

tonight will be the 3rd night in a row that i've put peanut to bed in her crib.  night before last, she woke up at her usual 2am.  it really scared me because i didn't hear her crying.  ben woke me up and asked me if i was just letting her cry and i said, "no!  go get her!!!!"  last night i turned the baby monitor up all of the way!  i thought that i had it up pretty high, but i guess i didn't.  =(  i will admit, though, that yesterday during her afternoon nap, i held her the entire time.  i usually don't do that.  i usually lay her down when she falls asleep, so that i can do laundry, dishes, cleaning, etc.  but yesterday... i just held her...  and i soooooo enjoyed it.  =)

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Take a break, and enjoy it!