Friday, January 15, 2010

one of my guilty pleasures

i discovered this brownie mix last week.  one word to describe it... amazing.
i have lost a pound or 2.  i won't keep going if these brownies keep calling my name. AGH!  i can hear them right now as i type.

AND, haven't started exercising.  i'm terrible.  i know it.

i put it off all day until peanut goes to sleep at night, and when she goes to sleep, it's like a mad rush to blog, do laundry, clean up around the kitchen, etc.  who thinks about exercising?!?!  =)

1 comment:

*Jess* said...

You know what's even worse? Costco sells this brownie mix. In an 8 box pack. Yep, I have one sitting in my pantry right now. Not good!