Friday, January 8, 2010

new years resolutions

i usually don't make new years resolutions, because they're usually not a success.  imagine that!  =)  but this year, i have decided to make a few...
  • be a great wife and mom - be more attentive to ben & austin's needs
  • drink more water - less caffeine and carbonation
  • do devotions regularly - read my bible and write in my prayer journal
  • make one day of the week house cleaning day - even if all i do is dust and vacuum
ok, i'll stop there.  those goals seem do-able.

back to my weight loss goal... i weighed last night and i had lost a smidgen.  my initial goal was 15 lbs.  i haven't started the wii fit yet.  ben started it last night without me, so tonight i'm gonna have to jump in there.  how are y'all doing?  have you started working out or dieting??  i'm not really dieting, just trying to stop baking all of the time (i love to bake!) and exercise more, even if it's just walking down the drive way that day.  (our drive way is decently long.)  oh, and eat a lot more fruit and veggies.  our grocery bill may go through the roof!  why is it that the healthiest things are the most expensive things????  =(

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KAPrystupa said...

I started dieting Jan. 5th and have lost 7 pounds so far...thank you Lord...I have a ton left to loose though