Friday, January 1, 2010

happy new year!

we had a great new years eve, and new year today.  ben and i enjoyed some time together last night, and even opened a bottle of cheap champagne around midnight.  we were watching a movie, and were so caught up in it that we missed the ball drop, but oh well.  =)  i still caught a little bit of the black eyed peas singing.  peanut slept through the whole thing, and sydney was probably wishing we would shut up so that she could sleep.  today, we spent the day with mom, steve, mark, & karen.  we played games most of the day, and watched a movie.  of course, we ate all day, too.  (btw, austin was sporting one of her christmas gifts, a new hot pink and orange ralph lauren outfit!  it's toooo cute!)

ben has been off of work since before christmas.  i dread him going back to working all day starting on monday.  =(  i think he's gonna give me a break tomorrow and let me go do a little shopping without peanut.  my christmas money is burning a hole in my pocket!  =)  (not really, i just really need some clothes!!)  and i have yet to get him his big christmas present from us.  =(  shame on me.

hope everyone has a great weekend!

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