Sunday, January 31, 2010

birthday weekend

my goodness... why does the weekend have to go by so fast!?  we've had a great one though, in spite of austin still not feeling her best.  friday night we stayed home, ate, and cleaned our house up!  i had fallen so behind with cleaning that it was starting to drive everyone crazy.  my mom helped us a lot, too.  saturday, we had a basketball game against lsu.  and yes, we beat them.  =)  but i shouldn't brag because they really played terrible.  i actually can't believe that we even won.  here's me and peanut in our state getup... =)
after the game we went out to dinner to one of my favorite restaurants for my birthday.  i haven't been too excited about this birthday because now i'm closer to 30 than i am to 20.  if i'm this upset about turning 26, what on earth will i do when i turn 30??  oh dear...

today we actually made it to church on time!  austin was ready for a nap as soon as we got there (which was great!), but she couldn't breathe, so i had to take her to the nursery to use the booger-sucker on her.  she hates that thing and always screams really loud.  and of course, when i was done, she was asleep in no time.  anyway, after church, we came home because i had forgotten to take her a blanket along with us, and i wanted to have my wrap while shopping.  we all changed into more comfortable clothes, and i put her in the cutest outfit.  (i will have to steal a picture from her gammy's camera.)  we got all the way to town for lunch and shopping, and her gammy (my mom) offered to take her back home with them.  so we switched cars, and peanut went back home.  if was nice for ben and i to be able to eat out and do some shopping.  so basically, that's what the birthday consisted of.  =)  i did get another pair of shoes (black boots!), a good cup of coffee, eggs benedict, and when we got home, ben made me brownies.

have i mentioned that i went shopping earlier this week, and got a ttttoooonnnn of clothes, and these boots make my 4th pair of new shoes this week?  i have really racked up lately!  a lot of that was spending birthday and christmas money.  from ben and austin, i'm getting a necklace from the vintage pearl!  i'm so excited about it!  i will be sure to do a post about it when it comes in!

peanut has been doing good.  i thought that we were gonna have to visit the doctor again this week, but i'm praying that she just keeps getting better.  she is still having a lot of drainage.  =(  be praying for her this week that she will be better!  please be praying for both of us, as our trip is coming up soon, and the thought of leaving her makes me nauseated!  =(

on a happier note, i have found the queen of bow making on etsy!  =)  peanut's bow holder is now slap full, and we have 10 more on their way to us, so i'm on the hunt for another bow holder!  we just have to have every single color ribbon out there!  =)  (ben's heart probably just skipped a beat!)
i mean, really, can a girl have too many lip glosses, purses, shoes, dresses, earrings, and bows?!?!?  i think not!  =)

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Veronica said...

Gosh it seems like I've missed a ton in just a couple of days. I hope your little peanut is feeling better today. I know what you mean about those boogie sucker things too. My girls HATED them!

Glad you had a nice birthday! Can't wait to see what you ordered from the Vintage Pearl!