Sunday, December 6, 2009

we love hot pink!

here we were last saturday.  peanut is wearing a little hot pink RL outfit.  the top is thick and fleecy, so i think we'll get good use out of it this winter.  that is if she doesn't grow too fast.  i'm so glad that God gave me a little girl to dress up.  =)

why were we so dressed up on a saturday, you may be thinking???

well, ben's great uncle, allen, passed away the day before thanksgiving.  that was one of the funerals that i referred to in my catching up post.  (we had gone to another visitation on tues. night.)  uncle allen was special to us.  he did a lot for ben and i.  if it weren't for him, ben wouldn't have gotten such a good start on farming.  he was always looking out for "benny," as he called ben.  he will definitely be missed, but we know that he's in a much better place!

thursday night, mom hosted our annual ornament party.  we had a great time.  like i said before... i heart christmas parties!  =)  you can read more and see photos here.

this has been a fun and busy weekend for us!  i will post more on that later.  for now... it's way past my bedtime!  nighty night!

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