Sunday, December 13, 2009


this has been such a fun week for us.  like i said before, we had something to do every night.  friday night, we went out to dinner with our good friends, steve, carol, and their kids.  we went to a place that i love to go, an old house turned into a restaurant, and they had seafood buffet!  we had such a good time.  they came over afterward and we had coffee and watched a christmas movie.  ben gave peanut her bath quick so that we could put her to bed.  mrs. carol just loves holding her...
steve didn't rock her too long, and she was asleep.
sydney got her good share of attention, too.

saturday, ben, austin, and i went to tupelo for the day.  we (well, i) had a great time.  we had our first experience with waiting in line for fffoorreeevveeerrrrrrrr to see santa clause.  more on that to come soon.

i finally found peanut a christmas stocking!  i have been on a mission to find one for quite a while now.  i never found one that i thought was cute and fit her.  well, today i found this seller on etsy and i love her stockings!  well, can't say that i love it yet, because i don't have it in hand, but i love the patterns of her fabric!  =)  they were all too cute for me to choose, so her daddy picked this one out...

hope everyone had a great weekend!  christmas will be here before we know it!

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