Friday, December 11, 2009

sydney update

i thought i would do a little update on how our first child is doing. =)
we try really hard to give sydney attention.  usually while austin naps or goes to bed for the night, we play with her toys with her, or she loves to be chased and then turn around and chase you.  here she is with one of her favorite toys, a little washcloth.
i bought a pack of baby washcloths a long time ago to wash my face with, and one day she claimed this little white one.
every time i would put it back in it's place, she would get it back out.  so i finally just let her keep it, and she will play with that stupid thing all day long.
i love how dumb i look in this next picture.  ha!  but syd looks cute.  she was about to give me a kiss.
she is still doing really well as a big sister.  austin usually screams every night while i cook supper (because i won't hold her... spoiled.), and syd goes to her like, "what in the world is wrong with you?!?!"  it's really cute.
she doesn't try to get in my lap like she did when austin first came home.  but we switched the blue recliner with a brown leather one, and she doesn't like it.  i think that may have something to do with why she doesn't sit with me anymore, and not because of the baby.  she loves to steal and destroy pacifiers, so we can't leave one laying around.  she's very cold-natured, so she has not liked this drop in temperature that we've had lately.  poor thing, i will put her on a shirt or sweatshirt during the day, and she will still lay in the sun and shiver.  but all in all, she's doing good.  she has adjusted well to the new addition to our family.  i love you, punks!!

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